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full cotton
Hoodie - Navy Blue
Hoodie - Navy Blue
Hoodie - Navy Blue
Hoodie - Navy Blue
Hoodie - Navy Blue
Hoodie - Navy Blue
Hoodie - Navy Blue
Atelier Babbi

Hoodie - Navy Blue

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Atelier Babbi proudly presents its new collection of 100% cotton hoodies designed with the comfort of babies and children in mind. This hoodie complements the style of your littlest family members by combining elegance and comfort. Key Features: 100% Cotton Material: This hoodie is crafted from 100% cotton fabric, which is ideal for sensitive baby and child skin. It offers a soft, breathable, and skin-friendly touch. Hooded Design: The hood provides extra protection on windy days and keeps your child warm. A hooded hoodie ensures your child stays cozy. Stylish and Simple Design: Atelier Babbi's minimalist design philosophy ensures that this hoodie has a simple and modern look. Different color options allow your child to express their personal style. Flexible and Comfortable Fit: The relaxed cut and flexible fabric do not restrict your child's freedom of movement. It can be comfortably worn while playing or spending time outdoors. Durable Quality: Atelier Babbi has designed this hoodie for long-lasting use, thanks to its expertise in quality. It can be easily washed and worn. Various Size Options: It offers different size options suitable for different age groups, ensuring a perfect fit for children of all ages. Why Choose Atelier Babbi Hoodie: Atelier Babbi prioritizes the comfort and style of children. This hoodie, which combines the comfort of 100% cotton fabric with the elegance of its design, is a versatile choice for everyday wear and special occasions. Choose Atelier Babbi's 100% Cotton Hoodie to ensure your child looks warm and stylish. Start shopping now and complete their style! Message ChatGPT… ChatGPT can make mistakes. Con
Age GroupBaby/Child
Fabric Type3 Thread
  • At Atelier Babbi, our goal is to offer our customers well-designed and natural products of high quality. As part of this commitment, we use 100% cotton in all of our products. Cotton is a natural, breathable, and comfortable material.

    We prioritize the health and happiness of babies above all else. Therefore, we believe cotton is the safest and most suitable option. By producing 100% cotton baby products, we aim to respect your baby's skin while also striving to make the world a more sustainable place.


    We stand behind our products. 

    - That's why we give you a 100% refund and exchange guarantee.

    - While we aim to offer the best products to our valued customers, sometimes unexpected situations may arise. In these cases, you can return or exchange within 14 days. 

    - In order to protect the health of your children, returns of used products are not accepted, because the health and safety of your children is our top priority.

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