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full cotton
Care Gift Set- Fairytale
Care Gift Set- Fairytale
Care Gift Set- Fairytale
Care Gift Set- Fairytale
Care Gift Set- Fairytale

Care Gift Set- Fairytale

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Ürün Açıklaması
Atelier Babbi presents products of high quality and meticulous craftsmanship, favored by stylish families for their unique, specially designed patterns. Made from 100% Cotton. Fading of color and shrinkage after use and washing are natural properties of cotton fabric. When washing instructions are adhered to, the pattern and color will maintain their original appearance for a long time. Ironing is not recommended. The fabric will become softer with each wash. Designed and manufactured in Turkey. Machine washable up to 30 °C, ironing is not recommended to preserve its natural look. Produced with materials suitable for babies, including OEKO and TEX certified yarn and dyes.
  • At Atelier Babbi, our goal is to offer our customers well-designed and natural products of high quality. As part of this commitment, we use 100% cotton in all of our products. Cotton is a natural, breathable, and comfortable material.

    We prioritize the health and happiness of babies above all else. Therefore, we believe cotton is the safest and most suitable option. By producing 100% cotton baby products, we aim to respect your baby's skin while also striving to make the world a more sustainable place.


    We stand behind our products. 

    - That's why we give you a 100% refund and exchange guarantee.

    - While we aim to offer the best products to our valued customers, sometimes unexpected situations may arise. In these cases, you can return or exchange within 14 days. 

    - In order to protect the health of your children, returns of used products are not accepted, because the health and safety of your children is our top priority.

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